In April 1994, a couple of Brothers from Glenwood Springs, Peter and Asa Jones, purchased an Insurance book of business in Rifle from Larry Herrin. Already busy with Glenwood Insurance they needed help running the Rifle office. Peter looked to Jack Sours, and made him an offer to come on board.

Jack worked the Agency until 2001 when Asa Jones established Continental Insurance Agency Alliance or CIAA. At that time, Asa offered Jack ownership of the Agency in exchange for joining the CIAA group. Rifle Insurance Agency was born and Jack owned the business for the next nineteen years. Located at 201 W 3rd St. until 2008, it was moved to 450 West Ave., where it remains today.

In January of 2020, Jack decided to make a change. He sold his Agency back to the man he bought it from all those years earlier, thus making Rifle Insurance a part of the Glenwood Insurance family once again.

Today, the team in Rifle is very familiar as Debbie has been there through it all since 1997. Melea has been there since 2003, and Jack’s daughter Rikki joined the ranks in 2015. Leading the charge of course is Jack himself who still enjoys the relationships he’s built over the years!

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